Flash Point - Pink Double Tulips - Mother's Day Preorder

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Flash Point really is one of the most unique tulips out there. It starts off with a striped pink, white and green bud that develops into a bold pink with lots and lots of petals. On top of all this, it even has a slight white stripe on the edge of its leaf, there really is nothing like Flash Point!

We are delighted to now offer free delivery on all orders with 100 stems (2 bunches) or more.

We offer these to you in 50 stem paper bundles, wrapped in our branded tulip paper. Select how many bundles of 50 stems you would like per variety and all delivery charges will be calculated at checkout.

We make certain that we are doing our best to help the environment all the time. By buying your flowers from our family flower farm in Lincolnshire not only are you significantly reducing your flower miles but all our packaging is recyclable or even reusable as handy storage boxes.

**This is for Mother's Day preorder, we will be sending these out Wednesday 6th March to arrive before noon on Thursday 7th. Please let us know in the order notes if you prefer a different day**