British Summer Lilies

Smith and Munson | Lily Farm

The warmer summer days herald the start of our lily season, which runs from May through to December.

Our main focus are the classic Oriental lilies, these include many hybrids such as OT lilies, these have huge flower heads, and range from white, pale pink through to dark magenta, the scent is astounding. We also grow LA lilies, an asiatic hybrid, these flowers have a tamer scent and are available in a much more extensive colour scheme.

Smith & Munson Watering Lilies

Then the RoseLily®, our new favourite, with it's multiple, fluid petals, gentle fragrance and no pollen. A flower so divine they are perfect for weddings, making a stunning bride's bouquet, or treat yourself to a beautiful sight to enjoy in your home. The RoseLily® brand is very exclusive and we are extremely proud to get our hands on these and share them with you.

Smith & Munson Ltd British RoseLily

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