Our story

A family business with a rich history and an eye firmly on the future.

Five generations of expertise has brought our business to where it is today, specialising in growing premium quality cut flowers. We are passionate about growing, and our love for flowers is reflected in everything we do from our brand to our final product. We take care every single step of the way from the beginning of the flower's journey, when we pick the very best varieties for the season ahead, to proudly sending off our flowers.

We are always using the latest growing techniques, we have an eye for detail and we produce top quality blooms. Our flowers are grown inside modern glasshouses, allowing us to harvest every day of the year. Tulips and lilies are what keep us busy.

We can assure you whenever you see our Smith & Munson branding that you will receive the highest standard of flowers. We take great pride in seeing our name on every box of flowers that leaves our nursery.

Smith & Munson Roots


Smith & Munson Ltd was founded in 1949, although we have been growing on our site in South Lincolnshire since George Smith bought the land in the early 1900's. We began growing cereals, vegetables, flowers; you name it, we grew it. In the mid 1980's we made the decision to consolidate growing just flowers and moved most flower production under glass.

Smith & Munson Generations

Our five generations started with George Smith, whose daughter Hilda married Jack Munson and formed Smith & Munson Ltd. Jack Munson was a champion grower and was famed for his Begonias. With a big increase in the demand for cut flowers Neville Munson mixed the farming with bulb growing. Then when Stephen Munson returned from college he could see flowers were the way forward for the business and has not looked back since. The latest generation is Edward Munson, he has inherited his predecessor's love of growing.

Meet the Team 

Stephen Munson

Hello, I'm Stephen. After studying a commercial horticultural course at Writtle I worked alongside my parents, Neville and Betty. I've now run the business for 30 years and enjoy sharing my knowledge with Ed now that he's joined the company. I always picked up tips and learnt about the business from a young age from my dad, so it's great to see this continue. I'm proud to have developed the business further, and can't wait to see it grow even more going forwards. I no longer play much, but I love watching all sports.

Jo Munson

Hi, I'm Jo and I keep the boys in order (and fed). I'm the one with the big ideas. I'm really keen to promote our social media and grow our brand even more. There is the website to maintain and newsletters and blogs to write. I'm famous for my baking and I also love flower arranging and art. 

Edward Munson

Hello, I'm Ed - the new generation in the business. I'm keen to carry on the family business and I'm so proud to be part of it. I'm mum and dad's eldest, and graduated from Harper Adam's University in 2015, where I studied Agri-Business. During my placement year I worked in Holland for two large lily growers, learning new growing techniques and gaining a vast knowledge in the worldwide industry. Keen to see the world, after University I travelled across Australia and New Zealand. Now I am involved in all aspects of the business and striving to bring our flowers direct to your house. When not on the farm I'll be playing my favourite sports: cricket, hockey and golf.